2023 Conscious News Stories Shaping the Outlook for 2024

by | Dec 21, 2023 | News

2023 has been a turbulent year in many ways but as we strive for sustainability and regeneration across processes in each and every industry worldwide, there are some ways in where this year is setting up our future for a more positive outlook. Here’s how the conscious news and events from 2023 look to shape some key themes for 2024.

Goodbye Greenwashing

Greenwashing is problematic, we all know that, but it’s not going unnoticed. In 2023 it was reported that greenwashing allegations rose by as much as 70%(!?!). The European Commission proposed the Green Claims Directive in March 2023, UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announcement to clamp down on financial firms’ greenwashing from May 2024, and we expect to see further initiatives come into place in the new year.

As a result of stricter governance of green claims, we’ve unfortunately seen the rise of greenhushing this year; something that calls for marketers to educate themselves in areas of sustainability and environmental claims.


AI for Sustainability

AI has been the buzzword of the year and we’re seeing increasing global momentum towards sustainability solutions driven by Climate Tech and AI. From EY’s “Greenwashing Compass” to ChatNetZero released at this year’s New York Climate Week, AI has the ability to help clean up the conversation around sustainability marketing. However, it’s not just spotting greenwashing that there’s been many developments around; we’ve also seen particular growth this year in AI geared towards Net Zero initiatives, biodiversity challenges, the plastics crisis, sustainable supply chains and waste management. The fact that we have this technology available to harness could be transformative!

Recover, Refresh, Remarket

From the 72% rise of Vinted and Depop, Ikea’s second hand furniture, eBay’s partnership with WRAP and more recently Lidl’s rental Christmas jumpers in collaboration with skyrocketing rental platform By Rotation, we’ve seen increasingly promising circular initiatives from big name brands this year. These processes and mindsets still need a push to drive the world away from linear consumption, but every year, we are stepping further in the right direction. We are so here for it!

‘Nature Positive’ Led Alongside Net Zero

Nature-led strategies have been seen as fundamental in hitting Net Zero targets in 2023. We saw the launch of the Nature Positive initiative, set out to ‘halt and reverse nature loss by 2030, and achieve full recovery by 2050’, and next year the world has its first Global Nature Positive Summit.This focus on biodiversity, restoration and regeneration of ecosystems, both running in parallel and accelerating Net Zero is an exciting step forward in reconnecting climate initiatives with nature!

Scope 3 in Focus

This year we’ve seen big global statements and new legislation around corporate carbon emissions (to be introduced in 2024). A lot of focus has been on Scope 3, estimated to accumulate up to 90% of most companies total carbon footprint. From Europe’s CSRD to California’s SB 253, corporations are going to need to track and reduce emissions like never before to avoid penalties. Luckily, 2023 has brought a wave of technology to track and reduce emissions, along with companies reporting their scope 3 more than ever before.

As we’re counting down the days to the new year, we’re now manifesting loads of positivity and progress in 2024. We have a feeling that it’s gonna be a big year for many of us. If you want to stay in the know on positive conscious news, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!