Conscious News Round Up | September

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Another month (almost) done, another round up of the best sustainability news stories right here 👇

ChatNetZero: AI for driving sustainability transparency?

ChatNetZero, unveiled during New York Climate Week, is an app designed to shed light on ‘green initiatives’ by investors and citizens. It aims to provide credible information on who is genuinely committed to meaningful climate action. 

The app draws data from the Net Zero Tracker, a comprehensive environmental database. It seeks to clarify the complexities of “Net Zero” and evaluate the legitimacy of decarbonisation plans put forth by businesses, governments, and financial institutions. 

We’ll 100% be testing this out – watch this space!

Source: Business Green

Colombia and Panama have joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA)

The PPCA is a coalition comprising governments, businesses, and organisations committed to transitioning from coal to clean energy. Both countries pledge to cease the development of new coal power plants and gradually eliminate existing ones to help limit global temperature rise.

Colombia, a major coal exporter, will work to develop a coal phase-out plan that safeguards mining communities. Panama, already carbon-negative, aims to end coal power generation by year-end. More of this please!

Source: Argus Media

Algae-based ice cream as a sustainable alternative

Sophie’s BioNutrient, a food tech company, is introducing algae-based ice cream made from chlorella protein, derived from microalgae. Made using bioreactors, minimal water, and food waste, resulting in a nutritious, vegan, environmentally conscious product.

Not only does it require significantly less space to make than dairy-based ice cream, it avoids the need for fertilisers or herbicides, and algae are efficient at sequestering carbon dioxide, aiding in carbon reduction efforts.

It feels only right we try this out, you know, for the planet…

Source: Food Navigator

Denmark launches the world’s ‘first green container ship’

Denmark recently launched the world’s inaugural “green container ship”. This groundbreaking vessel marks a significant step in the global shipping industry’s efforts to combat climate change. the container will be powered exclusively by green methanol, a sustainable fuel source. 

The international shipping sector, responsible for approximately 3% of GHG emissions, aspires to achieve Net Zero by 2050, making this development a promising milestone in its sustainability journey. 

We’re shipping this in a BIG way.

Source: Euronews

New world record set for wind turbine energy generated in one day

On 1st September the world’s largest wind turbine in Fujian Province, China,  set a new record of power  generated in a single day. 

With its massive 252-metre diameter, it produced enough energy to supply approximately 170,000 homes, power 38 million LEDs, or drive an electric car for 2.2 million km. This achievement highlights the turbine’s remarkable capacity and its potential to contribute significantly to clean energy production.

Source: The Independent