The Age of Authentic Marketing: Why Brands Need to Get Real

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Uncategorized

Brand authenticity is something most companies want to radiate, yet I see so many business owners fail on this mission. Some fall short in their messaging, others make false promises, and most fail to stay true to who they really are.

In today’s age, marketing should no longer be about promoting distorted and unrealistic features of a business nor encourage unethical and wasteful purchases. I believe it’s time for brands to get real in a world where consumers are easier than ever to steal.   

Why Authenticity matters

A brand’s authenticity is more important than ever. In fact, ninety percent of consumers say they’re looking for authenticity when deciding what brands they’ll support. They want brands to have real conversations about what’s happening in the world and they prefer brands to be transparent about their operations. 

Authenticity has become crucial in gaining continued loyalty from fickle audiences. Consumers get inspired by authentic brands and emotionally invested in their success and that’s why I’d say It’s no longer down to price but also so many other intertwined factors in the buying process.

How to win hearts by getting real

As marketers, we have an important role to play. Authentic marketing lies in the ways we define our messaging, in the conversations that we spark with our audiences, and the effort that we put into others getting to know who we truly are. Brand authenticity is all about being genuine; It’s about valuing long-term connections over short-term sales. 

I always recommend starting by aligning your product, mission, and marketing strategy. Ask yourself what your brand stands for and what makes your people unique. Subsequently, you can use these value propositions to drive conversations and engagement. At the end of the day, authentic marketing is not about being “salesy”, it’s about being YOU. 

What Next

The best advice I can give someone is to target belief-driven buyers. People are drawn to similarities and love making purchases from brands that they associate with. So, find your true niche and become friends with them. Assign thought leadership roles within your teams, create an ongoing, consistent authentic marketing plan, attend social networking events, and build a long-term pipeline. 

I challenge you to not get too caught up in short-term figures but rather investing in lasting relationships. Authentic marketing will pay off so believe in better for your brand because I do. 


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